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Financing and evaluation of research and development
Every innovation begins "on paper". Therefore, it is most important to actively promote investments in research and development.
Polytechnic education
Educational institutions should focus more on creativity, critical thinking and the practical application of knowledge transfer.
National start-up and spin-off environment
Start-ups and spin-offs will affect our future position in the developed world in a considerable extent. They should therefore be taken into account.
The Czech Republic should clearly be more online.
Innovation and research centres
As part of our development, we have something to offer already now. But what if we focus even more on current social trends?
Smart investments
Investments should not be just about money. Added value comes first.
Intellectual property protection
More patents are equal to a greater impact on the outside world. And we definitely have something to offer.
Mobility and construction environment
Transport, construction and logistics in our country need modernisation and unification.
Smart marketing
The Czech Republic is a country that has its place in the future. Let us show it to the world.
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