Czech Republic is among the top 25 countries according to the Global Innovation Index

The Czech Republic (CR) has achieved success in the field of innovation. In the Global Innovation Index (GII), it ranked 24th out of 131 world economies.

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The Czech Republic (CR) has achieved success in the field of innovation. In the Global Innovation Index (GII), it ranked 24th out of 131 world economies.

The Global Innovation Index rates world economies by the innovation capacity. It is built on seven pillars, in four of which the Czech Republic is performing above average in a group of 49 high-income countries. These include infrastructure, business sophistication, knowledge and technological outputs and creative outputs.

“I am really pleased with the result that our country has achieved in the rankings. Two years ago, we presented a revolutionary innovation strategy at the Government Council for Research, Development and Innovation and convinced the government that the research would become the basis of a new economic vision for the Czech Republic: The Country For The Future. It has paid off and we are gradually moving among innovation leaders“ says the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček.

According to GII, the Czech Republic ranked 28th in innovation inputs this year, higher than last year and higher than in 2018. In terms of innovation outputs, the Czech Republic ranks the 17th place, which is again an upward shift compared to previous two years.

“The Czech Republic achieves the best results in knowledge and technological outputs, creative outputs, infrastructure and sophistication of trade” says Robin Čumpelík, Coordinator of the Czech Republic’s Innovation Strategy, adding: “We are achieving partial successes, but we cannot accept the current results. The situation in connection with the fight against SARs-COV2 has shown that we have a new national wealth, being the technology transfer, development teams and overall creative processes, which in a short time bring successful technological solutions and new products of global importance. It’s all about creativity and cooperation from vision to its realization.”

The Czech Republic is strong in knowledge and technological outputs, creative outputs, infrastructure and in the sophistication of trade. In terms of infrastructure, it performs very well with ecological sustainability and environmental certificates and quality certificates, belonging here among the top 10. In the field of innovation links, according to GII, it ranks first in foreign-funded research and development. The Czech Republic continues to excel in the areas related to the manufacturing industry. It is among the top 10 in the import of advanced technologies, the export of high technology and the production of high technology.

The Global Innovation Index is published by the Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a specialized UN agency. In 2020, GII presents the 13th edition dedicated to the topic: Who will finance innovation? In a separate chapter, there is an example study of financing science, research and innovation from the Czech Republic, which was prepared by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Karel Havlíček and his colleagues. In 2008, the Czech Republic invested 1.2% of GDP in this area, in 2018 it was already 1.9% of GDP, which of course affected the overall GII results.

The GII considers innovation to be a key driver of economic development and therefore aims to provide innovation assessments and analysis referring to around 130 economies. The index is an evaluation ranking of innovation capabilities and results of world economies. It measures innovation based on criteria that include institutions, human capital and research, infrastructure, credit, investment, linkages, knowledge creation, absorption and dissemination, and creative outputs.

The Czech Republic’s scores in the seven GII pillars


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