The Czech Republic should clearly be more online.

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The Czech Republic should clearly be more online. We can significantly increase the efficiency of civic amenities by digitising services. Creation of a centrally managed IT network will help us coordinate the operation of the entire public administration in a better way. For example, the best practical benefit of interconnecting systems is to gather all the citizens’ information collected in the past so that they would not have to present it nonsensically in the future.

Of course, entrepreneurs and industry can also benefit from a more sophisticated information network. We should also inform Czech audience more closely about current trends in computing, such as big data or human-machine technology.

In recent years, although a number of modern digital tools have been introduced in the Czech Republic – for example, more than 700 online solutions have been implemented in the public sphere – the system has so far lacked some order. Public information systems and online tools are not interconnected and do not bring comfort to businesses or individuals whose potential they hide. And here lies the chance for our initiative.

Institutional responsibility: Government Council for Information Society, MIT, MI, CCCR

Managerial responsibility: Government Commissioner for IT, MIT representative

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