Polytechnic education

Educational institutions should focus more on creativity, critical thinking and the practical application of knowledge transfer.

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For the greater potential of our students, researchers and entrepreneurs, we would also like to optimise the entire spectrum of polytechnic education. The respective institutions should focus more on research, critical thinking and general creativity in solving real problems.

This innovation should be comprehensively reflected in all levels of education – because change needs to be made across the entire system. The phenomenon of lifelong learning should not be left behind either. People from business should also work more closely with educational institutions to achieve real progress and connectivity.

Although the Czech Republic already has a quality education system, polytechnic education is still below the level of the best. The focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics and their subsequent interconnection with practice is lacking at all levels of education; from kindergartens to secondary vocational schools and universities. Czech society is also not sufficiently prepared to use disruptive education systems, which may result in a lack of skilled workers, both in the business and research sectors. The aim of the innovation strategy is therefore to change the system of polytechnic education at all levels.

Institutional responsibility: MEYS/MIT/MA

Managerial responsibility: MEYS Representative

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