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More patents are equal to a greater impact on the outside world. And we definitely have something to offer.

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Description of the pillar

Our goal is to raise general awareness of intellectual property and its protection. At the same time, to set up more effective collaboration between all levels of the education system – due to it, it will be easier to organise lectures or create educational programmes or workshops.

We also aim at increasing interest in registering patents and protecting ideas and projects that have significant social or commercial potential.

However, the Czech Republic still does not make sufficient use of intellectual property protection instruments compared to the world’s most advanced economies. The number of national and foreign patents granted is still low. The aim of the innovation strategy is to raise awareness of intellectual property protection – specifically through closer cooperation at all levels of education, as well as through links in the production and application spheres. Intellectual property protection should be used more, especially for patents with commercial potential. Scientific, research and innovative objectives should be formulated with regard to their future value in intellectual property.

Institutional responsibility: MIT/Industrial Property Office

Managerial responsibility: IPO Chairman

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