Financing and evaluation of research and development

Every innovation begins "on paper". Therefore, it is most important to actively promote investments in research and development.

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In the future, we want to present the Czech Republic as a country with a significant scientific potential and one of the possible leaders in the area of research and innovation. We think that the successes of Czech scientists and entrepreneurs, as well as unique products from our companies, deserve much more attention. So the benefits would be enjoyed not only by ourselves, but by the whole world.

Despite a number of outstanding achievements in the field of science, research, innovation or commercial applications, the Czech Republic is still perceived abroad in a so-called traditional way – i.e. a country of beer, hockey, cut glass and sights worth visiting. The goal of smart marketing is to create a comprehensive communication strategy involving the key public and private institutions – the so-called National Communication Team – which will present the Czech Republic as a country that has a place in the future.

Institutional responsibility: RDIC/MIT/MFA/CzechInvest
Managerial responsibility: RDIC representative

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