National start-up and spin-off environment

Start-ups and spin-offs will affect our future position in the developed world in a considerable extent. They should therefore be taken into account.

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Description of the pillar

We believe that the smallest start-ups and spin-offs which deal with the practical use of intellectual property will bring fundamental innovations to our company. For this reason, we must prepare ideal conditions for a more massive establishment of these entities in the Czech Republic. And at the same time think about their further funding.

At the same time, we would like to create an interactive network to connect these companies directly with potential investors and sponsors If we manage all this, there will be no obstacles to opening the Czech Republic for foreign companies. We believe that it is in cooperation at a transnational level where we will find our greatest wealth.

After all, start-ups bring innovations, thereby increasing productivity and contributing to economic growth and creating a healthy competitive and innovative environment. In addition, they create jobs with high added value. There are examples of start-ups that have managed to generate hundreds of millions of crowns in just a few years since their establishment.

The aim of this pillar is thus to create a comprehensive concept of establishment, support and financing of start-ups and spin-offs. In the future, our innovation centres should be close to the leading level of the best foreign facilities. Investments in these entities should also increase and so they could gain more experience also from the international environment. And vice versa – the Czech Republic certainly has the potential to become an interesting destination for promising foreign projects.

Institutional responsibility: MIT/CzechInvest/CMGDB / TAČR

Managerial responsibility: GD CzechInvest

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