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As part of our development, we have something to offer already now. But what if we focus even more on current social trends?

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We believe that the potential of domestic companies and research can be further expanded by focusing on future technological trends. It is the fields of artificial intelligence, nanotechnology or cosmology that will most likely affect the economic position of a country in the future.

We would like to incorporate as many domestic companies as possible into the activities of research institutions and industry clusters that could use the resulting innovations in practice in the most effective way even from the support of public sources.

The number and quality of research centres and infrastructures already now rank the Czech Republic among the leaders in the European Union. However, neither research nor economic priorities were taken into account in their creation and development. A comprehensive concept is missing here too, which as a result limits cooperation between public research and the application sphere. The aim of our strategy is to focus support towards the above-mentioned key trends and create a coherent funding scheme.

Institutional responsibility: RDIC, MEYS, CAS, MIT, TACR

Managerial responsibility: Member of the RDIC Board


EN Příprava projektu AI Centrum

Fenomén umělé inteligence (AI) je v současnosti rovněž celoevropskou prioritou. Umělá inteligence aktuálně tvoří jednu z hlavních priorit Evropské komise V plánu je vybudování čtyř sítí výzkumných center, které budou financovány z rozpočtu EU, a následně rozvíjet celý ekosystém projektů na bázi AI.


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