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World results speak clearly – countries that have decided to dedicate future to innovations are at the top of the socio-economic ladder today. And that is also our vision for the Czech Republic. Let us put it frankly – by 2030, we would like to bring us among the twenty most advanced economies in the world. Such an effort is of course a long-distance run or may be even marathon. But we are in the frame for succeeding…

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Vision for the Czech Republic

The Czech economy is currently very stable. Our scientists, developers and entrepreneurs are already boldly reaching world standards. So our chances of global success are definitely not negligible. But do not be fooled – it is not about blind pursuit of continuous growth and increased financial flows. The added value is the most important thing. So there is a “higher goal” which makes sense of all this and creates a coherent framework for cooperation. And we can all participate in it.

Karel Havlíček, a coordinator of the team of authors, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade

Without any political ideology, we have formed a team of representatives of the corporate environment, scientists, academics, and key persons from government departments and agencies, who, first of all, have identified all the activities in progress in science, research and innovation. The aim was not to destroy or merely change, but to concentrate, in the first phase, decisive and ongoing innovation-related plans and activities, and subsequently to supplement them with those that are demonstrably missing or are not developing. We have gradually defined nine strategic pillars which are interrelated and which are decisive for achieving the ambition to become one of the European innovation leaders. We have confronted this from the beginning with the international environment, the demands for innovative performance, and drew up on the strategies of the countries that have succeeded and inspire us.

Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

We decided to set up a team of the most capable individuals in the field of innovation from the corporate environment, scientists, academicians and public administration, who prepared the most daring innovation strategy of recent years with a great competence overlap, concentrating activities of many ministries and organisations. We are ready to invest a record amount of resources in science, research and innovation in order to make the Czech Republic a country that will become not only a symbol of knowledge and advanced technologies, but also a host of the world’s leading scientific capacities. By combining our industrial traditions, research background and entrepreneurial skills we have an extraordinary chance to rank the Czech Republic among the most progressive countries by 2030.

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